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Your story is our business.
| a full service creative agency |

Collaboration is what we love. Many great ideas are waiting to be conceived and we are here to help you bring them to life. Let’s tell your story and grow your brand together.

Here at Godard Creative, our goal is to listen to your needs and come up with the most cost-effective, return on investment solutions that do not sacrifice the aesthetic vision you have for your company.


Marketing and design that tells the only
story that matters – yours.

Founded as Daedalus House in 1997 in the heart of the then gritty San Francisco Mission District, Godard Creative has evolved into a full-service creative agency. The name Daedalus originated from a love of the Greek myth and Joyce’s Ulysses. Our new name may be easier to spell, but we still love a good story and strive to embody the ideals of innovation and artistry.

We are a diverse group of designers, developers and content creators with a passion for exceptional design, great storytelling, and solid functionality.

We create for our clients, but we also build relationships. We’ve been at this a while and are in it for the long haul. We want to develop and share your unique identity with the world. Let’s tell your story and grow your brand, together.

Currently based in Sonoma County, Godard Creative continues to create, collaborate, and share our expertise with clients and friends looking to gain a broader audience.