Founded as Daedalus House in 1997 in the heart of the then gritty Mission District in San Francisco, Godard Creative has developed into a full service creative agency. The name Daedalus originated from a love of the Greek myth. Our new name may be easier to spell, but we still love a good story and strive to embody the ideals of innovation and artistry.

We are a diverse group of artists, designers, and creators with a passion for good design and great storytelling. We are not your typical ad agency of Mad Men types (although we do appreciate good scotch and well-tailored suits).

We build things for our clients, but we also build relationships. We have been at this a while and are in it for the long haul. We want to develop and share your unique identity with the world. Let’s tell your story, and grow your brand, together.

Currently based in Sonoma County, Godard Creative continues to create, collaborate, and share our expertise with clients and friends looking to gain a broader audience.


It all started in an 8th-grade darkroom, the transition of watching silver oxidize into a well-defined moment was a sweet bit of magic. A perfect combination of math and art. Journalism and the power of storytelling came next, with camera in hand I documented my high school experience. Our first Macs arrived my Senior year, and I witnessed the transition from manual layout and shooting halftones to the fully digital world of desktop publishing.

After college, I worked across several industries, looking to stay creative. Along the way, I documented sculptures and mastered studio lighting and darkroom techniques. I also learned the art of the deal with a creative real estate investor and was a leader at one of the top 100 restaurants in San Francisco.

Moving to Healdsburg turned a hobby into a career. I had a mission to transform how people shop for wine online. I created a website with beautiful photography and all the elements of what makes wine an experience; Food, friends, and music. I have since taken this vision and created a voice for my friends that are doing their best to make this world a better place with well-made wine, objects and images.