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We are a diverse group of passionate artists, designers, and creators with a dedication for design and storytelling. By listening to your needs, we can develop your identity with the world. By having Godard Creative tell your story, together we can broaden your relationship with the brand as well as with your customers.

Andrea Sorting

Andrea Godard

My love of image creation started in an 8th-grade darkroom. The transition of watching silver oxidize into a well-defined moment was a sweet bit of magic. A perfect combination of math and art. Journalism and the power of storytelling came next. As an editor, I developed a strong sense of deadlines and priorities. And as a member of a team, I learned the art of collaboration and listening.

As I witnessed the transition from manual layout and shooting halftones to the fully digital world of desktop publishing. I worked across several industries, with so many opportunities to learn systems and philosophies. Along the way, I documented sculptures and mastered studio lighting and darkroom techniques. I worked with an innovative real estate investor and was a leader at one of the top 100 restaurants in San Francisco.

My move to Healdsburg turned a hobby into a career. I had a mission to transform how people shop for wine online. Websites with beautiful photography and all the elements of what makes wine an experience; Food, friends, and music. I have since taken this vision and created a voice for my friends that are doing their best to make this world a better place with well-made wine, objects, and images.

Andrea Sorting

Morgania Moore

My work stems from a deep curiosity in unordinary materials; often natural materials and how to make a connection with them. I don’t have any formal training in art, but I’ve always tried to take a fearless approach to the material because they hold such great inspiration. My most recent endeavors and fascinations have gone beyond my early works based in antique metal stampings and soldering– when I see all of the amazing natural materials around me, I’m driven to find a way to incorporate them into jewelry and sculpture. In the last two years, I’ve used deer hide, salvaged wood cut-offs from my husband’s furniture projects, lichen, and moss from my oak trees, and even gone rock hunting in the wide alluvial river beds below my house for geological treasures. I believe all of these objects can become jewelry and tell us something about our relationship to the wild and the natural world.

As a self-taught artist and naturalist, my work is motivated by a desire to explore and connect with the natural environment. I create works of art out of natural elements – wood, lichen, moss, animal skins, river rocks – often scavenged from the landscape surrounding my studio. By transforming these objects into unique jewelry pieces I believe the energy of the landscape, and the organisms themselves are carried into the work.

Andrea Sorting

Gloria Alborz

Our little Girl Friday who gets things done.