Some of my work.

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I have not been to Seattle since, I flew out of there for my first international trip to Czech Republic in 1995

The Markets

I love to eat. Because of this I cook in order to recreate the dishes I love most. The scent of lemongrass and ginger and mounds of spices, gave me new ideas and have since changed the way I approach how I cook.

Saigon — Day One

Here I am. The answer to the security question, where do you want to visit — Vietnam. So foreign, yet the familiar remains. Folks are staring at screens and families hustling to make it work. Here is what I caught today.

The Tent

Brook of Bannister Wines and his lovely and talented wife M.E. Moore built a platform and outfitted this unique tent to host wine tastings in the field behind their home in Alexander Valley.

Park ave Calatrava S2 & S3 Install

What an experience. Photographing the installation of a sculpture that Stu put his life blood into for a year. From midnight to 5 am, we pieced it together and made public art on Park Avenue happen.