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In the world of marketing, a new year calls for a fresh start and for new developments to be made to show that your brand is worth looking into. In 2019 companies are expected to be authentic and engaged with their consumer basis through the use of social media and transparent methods. Customers want to see the people behind each company, as well as the work that goes in, to make sure that the product that they are receiving is top par.

Also in this politically charged era, it is vital for companies to have their brand integrate some kind of social message or promise within their marketing campaigns.

Through social media, brands can interact with customers in a fun, playful yet direct fashion. The use of stories and highlights on Instagram is a natural, authentic way to show customers what your brand is about and to gain insight on what the consumers want. With Instagram stories, a brand can get their customers opinion on a new product idea through the use of polls or can have an informative Q & A session with the “ask me a question” tool.

This integration of consumers into the creative process makes people more likely to buy something from your brand because they feel as though they have made some contribution to the effort.

This is the generation of influencers that can make or break a brand with a few snaps and taps on a phone screen. Influencers are a great marketing tool in this age because they are eager to share what they love with their followers and people actually listen to them, as well as they are easier to come in contact with than a celebrity. In this day and age if your brand doesn’t have a social media presence, then does it even exist?

BONUS: Instagrams we love


Elegant Graphic Design at Limantour Design Studio


This local country store and cafe does an amazing job of integrating great pictures with fun store updates, along with posts about their involvement in the community.

Elegant Graphic Design at Limantour Design Studio


This newspaper does a fantastic job of pairing their educational news updates with powerful images and videos.

Elegant Graphic Design at Limantour Design Studio


This “global video channel” is the cultural hub for well-known and up-and-coming filmmakers to share their work with the world.
Elegant Graphic Design at Limantour Design Studio


This personal blog of Sonoma County it girl, Amber Lucas, has so much to offer with its mixture of fashion and skincare tips, beautiful Northern California scenery, and so much more.
Elegant Graphic Design at Limantour Design Studio


This Oregon-based wine company has mastered the trade of social media marketing to a tee with their beautiful product and behind the scene shots that really capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest.
Elegant Graphic Design at Limantour Design Studio


David Guttenfelder is a photojournalist for National Geographic and his work truly captures the beauty and culture of this amazing planet we get to call home.
Elegant Graphic Design at Limantour Design Studio


What truly makes this account so special is the wonderfully detailed and articulate story behind each photograph that Jennifer Stoots posts.
Elegant Graphic Design at Limantour Design Studio


This winery finds the right balance between information and fan engagement.

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