“I hadn’t returned to Seattle since I departed its confines for my first international voyage to the Czech Republic back in 1995. During that era, Seattle exuded a sleepy, grungy vibe, a stark contrast to the bustling tech hub it has morphed into today, largely thanks to Amazon’s expansive presence. This transformation has not only reshaped the city’s skyline and neighborhoods but also revolutionized its approach to transportation. The streets now swarm with bicycles, and cars are just a tap away on your smartphone—emblems of the city’s pro-growth stance. Embarking on this journey offered a wealth of adventures, but one moment stood out: witnessing the Ballard Locks devoid of water. This striking visual served as a powerful metaphor, juxtaposing the city’s industrial roots with its contemporary urban flourish. It was a poignant reminder of Seattle’s evolution from a cornerstone of industry to a modern metropolis, brimming with innovation and growth.

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