Square — Woocommerce sync plugin

In the wine industry finding a POS that you love is nearly impossible. So we built a plugin that syncs Square customer data with your WooCommerce. It syncs with our Wine Club plugin as well. It is an excellent solution for a startup that will keep costs low. WordPress gives you the flexibility to build what you want. Not to say it doesn’t have its flaws, it’s still a robust open source backend. We consider it a great solution that will allow you to grow. When you are ready for an enterprise solution, the data will transfer out seamlessly.

Some of the features of this plugin are:
1.) Syncs 2-ways between square and WooCommerce. This includes customer information and orders placed.
2.) Enables the client to update credit card information in WooCommerce.
3.) Integrates seamlessly with our Wine Club plugin.

Currently, Bowman Cellars and Bannister Wines are using this solution.

Should you be interested in hearing more, please contact us.


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